A love for horses since the very beginning

It’s no secret that my passion for horses fuels just about everything I do. As a child, I was spellbound by every equine I saw, and to be completely honest, not much has changed since then!

I was born into a family that knew next to nothing about horses and, much to my dismay, had no plans to own them either. That never stopped this horse-crazy girl, though! My bookshelves were filled with classically illustrated favorites, like The Little Fellow, Flutterby, and Doodlebug, and my sketchbooks were teeming with royal steeds. Grand Champions figurines (the Walmart alternative to the more costly Breyers) sat atop my dresser and chest of drawers, and Saturday mornings were met with elation as my mom would drive me to my weekly riding lessons... All of this and more, yet there was still something amiss. How I longed for a horse of my own! But, that part of the tale comes a little later on.

The 90s was a fantastic time to grow up in. The Internet was in its infancy, and tech was booming. I was about ten years old when I happened upon “online equine simulation games”—a discovery that has had a lasting impact on my life. Albeit virtually, these games gave me the joy of owning, training, showing, and breeding horses alongside other players just like myself. It was there in those games that I realized my love for Internet technology, design, and the majestic Arabian horse, all cornerstones of who I am today.

The summer of 2005 marked the end of my run as a player, for the day finally came when I didn’t have to pretend any longer. Working together, my grandmother and my parents gifted me with a handsome Egyptian-sired Arabian gelding named Valentino, who has since brought me incredible experiences and priceless friendships. Upon his breeder’s recommendation, we travelled to picturesque Lexington, KY to attend the Egyptian Event that year, where we were formally introduced to the Straight Egyptian Arabian. I fell in love with horses all over again, and I began to dream of becomming a breeder of these remarkable horses. In 2013, the ruby red Egyptian mare, Amirat Al Yakout (Amirah), joined my humble herd, and my journey as a breeder began.

Memories of these seasons fill the well of inspiration that I draw from every day, whether I’m working on a painting, designing a client’s dream logo, or building a new website for a breeding program. I put my love for horses to work, and it’s my honor to create meaningful media for the equine world.